Crafco TechCrete is widely recognized as the most advanced and flexible concrete solution available for highway and airport pavement rehabilitation. TechCrete’s superior adhesion and ability to conform to the pavement movement prevents de-bonding and cracking while a quick drying time allows repairs to be opened up to traffic in as little as one hour. With high compressive resistance, high tensile strength, flexibility and ability to bridge joints, TechCrete is the perfect product to achieve that long lasting, one-time fix.

The Patcher Series Melter was specifically designed to melt and prepare TechCrete as well as Polypatch pavement patching materials for application. The Patcher II is the largest melter in the series with a vat capacity of 200 gallons making it perfectly suited to handle big projects. Two large openings makes for easy material loading while advanced digital temperature controls maintain accurate material and oil temperatures. The Patcher II also features an auto flame shut down so that your jobs are completed quickly, effectively and safely.

The Patcher II mixes products with an internally mounted shaft that utilizes sweep paddles to ensure thorough mixing. When you need to change material types the Patcher II’s cleaning process is simple and quick; just load in clean aggregate, run the mixer and empty – it’s that easy.

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  • Multi Material Use
  • Easy Load In
  • Diesel Fueled
  • Full Sweep Agitator
  • Fast Heat Up
  • Easy Cleaning